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Louvre - Tuileries

This tour runs day or night.

It can be private or group tour.

The places that we visit in this

​tour are the following:

* Place vendôme

* Place de la Concorde 

* Jardins des Tuileries

* Solférino

* Arc de triomphe du Carrousel

* Louvre main courtyard

* Louvre square courtyard




This tour covers some of the most beautiful areas of the city of lights. The area is very rich for photography. It can be made as a night tour, with a detour on the passerelle Solférino to catch the sunset and a final shooting in the Louvre courtyard. 

This tour can also take advantage of seasonal attractions: The Tuileries gardens fair in Summer and its ferris wheel at night.

The Concorde Square Ferris Wheel in winter.

The Place Vendôme decorations near Christmas

Day or Night private tour (Up to 2 photographers) 160 €/Tour

Day tour for more than 3 photographers (approx. 4 hours) € 70 per Photographer
Night tour for more than 3 photographers (approx. 3 1/2 hours) € 80  per Photographer
Non-photographers escorts can follow the tour for only  €9 per person


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