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To start up with your booking please send us and e-mail following the instructions bellow:

​Instructions for a convenient booking :

Please put your name(s) at the proper field

Please put your e-mail

Please put at the subject a single word of the kind of the services you want to book: Tour(s) or Portraits or Workshop

At your message please inform us for the following:

1. the dates you want to book the tour(s)

2. the number and the name(s) of the photographer(s) that want to attend the tour(s)

3. the number and the name of the visitor(s) that want to attend the tour(s)

4. the places you want to visit at the tour(s) {p.e 1. Marais - Seine, 2. Montmartre, 3. Louvre - Tuileries, 4. Galleries, 5. Eiffel.}

5. if you want a day or a night tour(s)

6. if you want a photo or a video tour

7. the number of the tour(s) you want to book and which ones

8. if you want a single or a customizable tour with extra sessions & more hours

9. the equipment that you will be using in the tour

10. the country your are coming from and anything else you wish to ask........

...... and when its done on send!

We will reply to you as soon as possible giving you all the further information you will need for a succesful booking.

For instant last time booking or any other information you can call us working hours (French time) at +33695900777

Your details were sent successfully!

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