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​For Photo Tours:

Why should I take "Paris Photo Tours & Portraits" tours:
The first major reason to take "Paris Photo Tours & Portraits" tours, is that the guiding and the tutorial is given by the very much experienced and acclaimed film-maker and photographer Ari Bafalouka. Ari is a warm and gentle person that loves Paris and is very much willing to share his knowledge and his artistic point of view. As he has been the last ten years teacher in film schools, he has developed great skills and methods in teaching photography and film direction. Video is also a very strong part of his. The second also important reason to take our tours, is for the high services combined with our low prices that we keep them that way, under the belief that Paris and photography should be approachable and affordable to anyone. We want to encourage enthusiasts and students of photography from all over the world to attend our tours in order to create a great portfolio that will help them to move a step forward. We ensure that taking a photo tour with "Paris tours & photo" will be an excellent choice for anyone who wants to extend his knowledge and improve his skills in photography.

How does it work:
Once you have applied for a tour by sending us e-mail or calling us, we will reply to you confirming your booking and the availability of the days and the hours you have asked. We will keep in touch with you and we will send you all the information you will need to find the place of our meeting easily. Once we meet, we will spent 20 to 30 minutes for an intro-tutorial and then we will head up for action at the locations. In each place we will visit we will give you information about it and we will propose you frames and ways to shoot interesting and beautiful pictures. We will see if you face any problems or weaknesses with the use of your equipment and we will help you to overcome with them. We will give you very helpful tips and knowledge to explore new fields that you were not aware of before. Each photographer works in a different way and style. Our concern is to follow and improve your style by taking it a step forward. Even if you feel very confident about your skills you will be surprised with the things that you will improve in this tour and even if we only just confirm that what you are doing is the right thing for what you want, is also a profit. First we ask you how you want the picture to be, then we allow you to act free, and then we help you to shoot it in the right way to get exactly the result you want. Our goal is to make you control your pictures as much as possible. We will move forward to the places most of the time on foot and in some specific cases we may use the Metro. People with difficulties in motion who use wheelchairs are also welcomed in all of our tours. Please let us know before, in order to make this tour more convenient for you. Once we finish our tour we will you help you to find easily the next place you want to visit.

I am a beginner in photography. Am I in the target group of this photo tour? Will this tour help me to improve?
Definitely. We will try to make things simple and easy for you. We will introduce you to the exciting world of photography by teaching you all the basic skills that you will need to develop. 

I am a serious enthusiast  - semi-professional photographer. What will I get out from this tour?
Your experience will help Ari to work with you in an advanced level. You will be in the right spot in the right time of the day and that will save you valuable time from hanging around trying to find the right locations to shoot.  From our experience we can tell you, that when serious photographers meet each others, the results that come out from this team work are amazing.  Some times those acquaintances create strong links between the photographers even after the tour sessions.

What equipment do I need?
The one you already have can be ok. Any kind of camera (SLR, digital compact, film etc) is able to take interesting and nice shots. If you have several lenses it will be very helpful if you bring them with you. A flash can also be helpful in some cases. Paris gives options on a wide range of framing. Wide lenses are equally useful to tele. Zoom lenses are practical and help you to have an immediate response to what appears as a "street scene" to shoot. If you take night tours and if you have, it will be helpful to bring with you, your quick prime lenses with apertures less than f2.8. If you are working on film, for night photography, please bring high ISO films (400 to1600) and we will recommend you to bring at least 4 films with 36 poses. For daylight photography we would recommend and ISO range from 200 to 400 ISO due to the unpredictable light conditions of Paris. It is your choice if you want to work on color or B&W. For night photography please bring your tripod. If you don't have one or if you don't want to travel with it, we can give you ours with a prior notice. If you are working with digital equipment please bring cards with enough spare memory to shoot 200 pictures in the best quality file size capability of your camera. To keep the manual of your camera with you during the tour can be a help in troubleshooting. And please don't forget to charge your batteries completely.

Can I bring a second camera with me?
Yes, if that helps you for a certain reason.

How many people can attend the tour?
Up to 2 active photographers it is consider "private session tour" and  the charge is 199 euros per tour. At the private tours we have plenty of time to spent upon the special needs of the photographer(s) and the session moves very efficiently for him/them. The "ordinary groups" consist from 3 to 6 active photographers and the price is 80 euros per photographer for the day tours and 90 euros per photographer for the night tours.

I am visiting Paris on my own. Without any other friend photographer. How can I be part of a "simple tour"?
As long as we have other tours that run in the same days with your visit in Paris, we will embody you in an already formed "simple group".

Can I be escorted by a friend or a companion? Is there any age restriction?
Visitors and escorts without a camera can follow their friends/partners for the guiding part of the tour for only 9 euros extra per person over 12 years old.

Can I bring my small children?
Yes, if it is necessary. But only if the person that will keep an eye on them will be a non photographer companion and as long as they don't disturb the function of the tour. Please take in mind that there is a lot of walking during the tours as also places with staircases. If you use a stroller please avoid Montmartre tour.

What if it rains?
We don't cancel our tours if there is a light rain, grey sky or a rainy ground as all these weather conditions give lots of opportunities to shoot nice pictures and unexpected street scenes.  If there is a hard rain we give the option to the photographers to follow the tour in the Parisian Galleries which is a beautiful alternative and fully indoor or the option to meet up again later on the same day or the next day if possible. If these alternatives are not welcomed by the photographers there will be refunding in case of a pre-paid booking.

Is it possible to rent equipment from you?
Yes, with a prior notice and only for the purposes of the tour. You can rent either a DSLR NIKON D90 with a 18mm-105mm DX AF lens or a 35mm NIKON FM3 with a 35mm - 135mm Ai-s MF zoom lens for the film lovers. The price for the renting is 35 euros for each of those cameras. 

What is included in the price?
The fees for the photo tours cover our time and expertise and a batch of A4 copies with useful tips, information & web links about photography & Paris. No meals or refreshments are included in the price neither any medical or travel insurance. If your customized private tour includes entrance fees that also are not included in the price.

What if I need to cancel my pre-paid order?
No, problem you will get your money back, excluded the bank expenses. For our convenience please inform us about your cancelation at least one week before the confirmed date of the tour. Last minute cancelations create problems to our schedule which we kindly ask you to respect. I any case you will get your money back.

How can I book a tour?
By sending an e-mail following the instructions of the page "Book now" of this site or by calling us at +33(0)695900777.

How do I pay?
There are two different ways. Either on the spot by cash before we start the tour or if you don't want to carry money with you, with a bank transfer on our secure account. You will be notified for your deposit when it appears to our account. In both cases you get invoice for our services.

Please wear comfortable clothes suitably to the weather conditions and a good pair of walking shoes. Bring a bottle of water with you.

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