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Eiffel Tower

This tour runs day or night.
It can be private or group tour.
The places that we visit in this
​tour are the following:

* Pont Alexandre 3

* Esplanade des Invalides

* Invalides courtyard

* Back of the Invalides

* Champ de Mars

* Underneath the Eiffel tower

* Iena bridge

* Trocadero​​​​



This tour incorporates several different landmarks of western Paris as well as the tower itself. It can be done as an evening / night tour, in which case the itinerary can be changed a bit, depending on which area you want to get in the "Magic hour".​​​​

Day or Night private tour (Up to 2 photographers) 160 €/Tour

Day tour for more than 3 photographers (dur. 4 h) € 70/Photographer
Night tour for more than 3 photographers (dur. 3 1/2 h) € 80/Photogr.
Non-photographers escorts can follow the tour for only  €9 per person




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