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Palais Royal & Galleries

This tour runs day or night.

It can be private or group tour.
The places that we visit in this
tour are the following:

* Palais Royal

* Colonnes de Buren square

* Gardens of the Palais Royal

* Galerie Colbert (except on Sundays)

* Galerie Vivienne

* Galerie Feydeau

* Galerie Montmartre

* Passage des Panoramas

* Passage Jouffroy

* Passage Verdeau

* Galeries Laffayettes store (except on Sundays)

* Printemps terrace (except on Sundays)


Galleries in Paris are wonderful. The give lots of subjects and frames especially for those that adore wide angle photography. During Christmas are wonderfully decorated and the windows of the department stores become a unique theme of its own. It is also a good alternative solution for rainy days if your long waiting outdoor tour runs the risk of cancelation. It runs from Monday to Saturday. 

Day or Night private tour (Up to 2 photographers) 160 €/Tour

Day tour for more than 3 photographers (approx. 4 hours) € 70 per Photographer
Night tour for more than 3 photographers (approx. 3 1/2 hours) € 80  per Photographer
Non-photographers escorts can follow the tour for only  €9 per person


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