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This tour tuns day or night


It can be private or group tour.

The places that we visit in this
tour are the following:

​* Place Abesses

* Wall of love

* Montmartre carrousel

* Louise Michel garden and stairs

* Maurice Utrillo stairs

Sacré Coeur Basilica

* Sacré Coeur tower (optional)

* Montmartre vineyards

* Lapin Agile cabaret

* Dalida Square

* Moulin de la Galette

* Villa Léandre


​Montmartre & Sacr​​é Coeur is another one "must see" in Paris. Montmartre is the place where the old and contemporary artists paint in its square. Toulouse Lautrec and the bohemians adored this place with its historic cabarets, its famous staircases, its vineyards & its restaurants. Life here seems it flows like in the past. It's a very photogenic place with beautiful spots and interesting subjects to shoot. ​


​Day or Night private tour (Up to 2 photographers)  - 160 €/Tour

​​​Day tour (approx. 4 hours) € 70 per person

Night tour (approx. 3 1/2 hours) € 80 per person 

Prices are per active photographer in a group.

​You can bring along a non-photographer friend for only €9 per person



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