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"It was a foggy rainy winter morning just after Christmas and I was a wreck from last night's vigil. I felt like postponing the tour as I couldn't get up from bed..... I grabbed a starbucks coffee and went out to meet Ari for the Eiffel tour.... Thank god I went.... The light was bizarre and I shot the best city photos  of my life.... I am not a great photographer but what I shot is to be jealous by many good professionals out there....It was fun and very informative. I am not sure I remember much for the monuments though, but I got great photos thanks to Ari... A must do in Paris if you love photography."


Tim Dunmore (U.S Chicago Il, 24 y.o)​

"We went to Paris in Christmas and as I have bought recently my first DSLR, a Nikon D600 with 24mm - 85mm lens, I was very excited going around taking photos. I saw an advertising for photo tours by "Cahiers d' images" and after a debate, I persuade Jiřina, my girlfriend, to spend some money on that. I made a last minute booking by phone and the next day we were attached with a group tour at Marais and Seine. Ari seemed to know many features about my new camera that I didn't and it helped me to shoot in the manual mode in order to control my pictures and understand what comes different in different settings. Framing nicely was also one of his concerns and Jiřina found his guiding interesting. The pictures I took during the tour were much better than those I shot the first days in Paris. We are very glad we took this tour. It worths the money we gave, not only because I shot very nice pictures, but mostly because I felt that I have learned things that would take me much more time than four hours to get familiar with."

LEOŠ (Czech Republic, 33 y.o)

"I was born and raised in Paris and it seems I know it much better than Ari. I also wish he could speak a little better french. My english is like his french but anyway we managed to communicate well. The reason I booked a video tour with him is because I bought recently a used Canon 7D with video capabilities. I haven't done any video in the past and I was annoyed that I couldn't make a proper in focus video shot  of my children. Although this camera has a great image in video mode, my clips were most of the time almost unusable. It was a shared tour with a family that was using a Sony camcorder. The first hour of the tour I was very reluctant with Ari. But in this 6 hours long video tour I learned so many things I wouldn't ever expect. That is why I am writing this review, because I feel like doing it, as a good will on his excellent work. He gave me his manual prime lenses, he taught me how to make a proper focus pulling and how to get used with it. He taught me how to avoid aliasing and moire. (I didn't even know what was that). He told me about soft and sharp lenses, cine lenses, grading, disharpeness, cinema style modes, even for time-lapses and much much more. He told me what equipment I had to buy if I was interested to expand my video skills on DSLRs. He spent lot of time with me to show me what I should do for a good tripod shot. He was fairly balancing his time with the other people, while I was practicing on what he has just shown me. They were tourist who wanted nice family shots in Paris. I felt jealous I haven't bring my children to practice on them. I think that Ari has many things to teach and share in all kind of levels in videography. He has an A grade level of experience that wouldn't disappoint anyone. I have already talked to my friends about his tours and I am looking forward for his workshops in the spring. Ari loves filmmaking and it is obvious. He makes other people to fall in love with the secret and magic world of image capturing. Well done  Ari and thanks!"

Sebastien Bonnet (France, 36 y.o)

"It was nice and fun! I shot beautiful pictures of Paris and I enjoyed very much the tour. I had the tour with Ari who is a nice guy with a lot of humor. In some points I felt that the information was giving me was more than I could take. I am a beginner in photography and I was much more interested in making good frames than anything else yet.  The guiding was nice! For my level was more than enough and my fridge now is full with the beautiful pictures I took." 

Kirsten Munk (Denmark, 28 y.o)


“Using photography as a hobby, I 've always felt I am taking nice pictures but I 've never felt more than an amateur photographer. After attending the "Cahiers d' images" photo tours guided by Ari, I feel much more confident with my skills. Now I control the shooting and the frame completely and I know what and why I am doing it."

Guðrún Arnbjörg, (Iceland, 34 y.o).

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