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Get the best of Paris


Paris has always been the city of love and art. Is the city that many famous photographers lived, worked and shot their well known pictures such as Robert Doisneau with his famous "Opera Kiss" and "Kiss at Hotel De Ville". You are on a honeymoon trip in Paris or visit it with your lovely family or friends? Just put on nice clothes and make up and hire your professional photographer to capture the unique moments of your trip and create for you an unforgettable artistic photo album.


Twice a year we organize three days long workshop for amateur photographers and students  that want to extend seriously their knowledge in photography. Twice a year we also organize one week long workshop for videographers and editors that want to extend their knowledge in a level to be able to produce, shoot and edit appreciable short films, interviews & commercials. Both workshops are given by well known cinematographers, editors, film directors and photographers.



With our photo & video tours in Paris you can enjoy two different services at the same time. A full guiding information session of the places and the monuments you visit as well as a professional photo or video tutorial that will help you to shoot astonishing pictures on the spots. Our professional guide photographers will assist you to learn all the features of your camera and will help you to see unique frames through your viewfinder. They will teach you how to use light, frame and depth of field in the most proper way to serve your photographic needs. ​Our goal and pleasure is to make you feel well informed about Paris and its history and to help you leave our tours with a great photographic portfolio as well as further knowledge on photography or videography. ​These tours apply to all levels of photographers. From amateurs to semi-professionals, from experts to beginners. ​We also welcome visitors that are not photographers to escort their friends and follow the tour for the guiding information. To keep the quality of our services in a high level we don't encourage  groups to exceed the number of six photographers. ​​We are proud that our high quality services is combined with the lowest fares in Paris (that make us also lovable to students of photography)! All the guiding and tutorial is given in English language.

“Using photography as a hobby, I 've always felt I am taking nice pictures but I 've never felt more than an amateur photographer. After attending the "Cahiers d' images" photo tours guided by Ari, I feel much more confident with my skills. Now I control the shooting and the frame completely and I know what and why I am doing it."

Guðrún Arnbjörg, Iceland. 



​​Paris Photo Tours: Our goal is to help you capture Paris in photos that will make the difference. Photos that you can exhibit. Photos that will depict the time and the place that has been taken.... in eternity.

​Paris Video tours: Shoot Paris in videos that you can edit, present to friends or upload to internet. Capture the magic moments of your trip in an artistic and proper way. Videos may last longer than memory!


We help you to shoot the best pictures 

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