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For portraits:

How does it work:

Once you have applied for a tour by sending us e-mail or calling us, we will reply to you confirming your booking and the availability of the days and the hours you have asked. We will keep in touch with you and we will send you all the information you will need to find the place of our meeting easily. Once we meet, we will head up for shooting you at the locations. We will move forward to the places most of the time on foot and in some specific cases we may use the Metro. People with difficulties in motion who use wheelchairs are also welcomed in all of our tours. Please let us know before, in order to make this tour more convenient for you. Once we finish our tour we will you help you to find easily the next place you want to visit.

What shall I wear?
Anything you like. Anyway you want to portrait yourself in Paris.

Can I change more than an outfit during the session?
Yes, we can always find a proper place for you, to change your clothes, if you like. In that case a small wheel bag can be a smart solution to carry.

Can I wear my wedding dress?
Yes, of course.

Do you provide a make-up artist or a hairdresser in the session?
No. Make-up and hair is something that you take care of. You can always book a midday photo session in order to have the morning yours to make up yourself as you want. You are also welcome to bring your own make up artist and hairdresser if you wish or you can always carry with you a small mirror and your personal make up hand pack.

What time of the day takes place the session?
Any time you wish during the daylight. We can also take photos of you during the sunset or in first hours of the night.

Do I get photo prints or a photo album in this price?
No. What you get in this price is all the good digital photos of the session by we transfer or dropbox but we can print  your photos or make a photo album for you with an extra charge, if you want.



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