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 photo tours & portraits in Paris, has been created in 2012 by Ari Bafalouka. Ari is an excellent landscape, portraitists & nature photographer and videographer with strong background and future as well in filmmaking. He loves Paris, the city of love and lights as well as sharing his experience to other people. He is very passionative with what he loves, warm, sensitive and communicative. He holds a very strong knowledge and experience in his field and due to his endless love with photography and filmmaking he spends hours everyday to learn more & more about them.



Ari is a professional photographer and filmmaker.  He has started taking serious photos since his 12 y.o due to the fact that his cousin and his elder sister who were already experienced photographers, influenced and taught him the skills of photography. From that age and on, he was taking beautiful pictures with his Nikon FM2 and he was developing the B&W films on his own. During his teenage years, he was spending endless hours in his private temple, his dark room! There he was practising, experiencing and learning all the secrets of the art of photography. He was spending all his money buying films, papers, developers and lenses and he was shooting all kind of pictures, from landscapes to nudes. His first “top” models were his friends! Later on, he studied film direction for five years in Greece and in England and since then he works both as film director and photographer. As photographer he exhibits his work in many galleries and sells numerous of photos to editors and collectors. Now he is working on five new photo albums. As film director his fiction short and feature films has been awarded with more than 40 prices to many acclaimed international film festivals and they have been distributed commercially to more than sixteen countries. He has been also for ten years teacher in film schools, teaching film direction & editing. During the eightees and ninetees he has been for 8 years champion in swimming holding many national records. 




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